Wirral introduces collection charge for garden waste disposal

Wirral introduces collection charge for garden waste disposal

Wirral householders are being invited to “opt-in” to pay extra to have their garden waste wheelie bins emptied.

From June, anyone wanting their “brown bins” collected will have to stump up £35.

Information is currently being sent out by the council to 125,000 households who receive garden waste collections explaining the reasoning behind the decision to introduce a charge.

However, not all Globe readers are entirely happy with the new arrangement.

In an email, one said: “Just seen stickers on our bins. Wirral Council will be charging £35 per year to empty my brown bin.

“Absolutley disgusted at this - how are they getting away with it?

“It’s the start of Wirral having garden rubbish dumped everywhere – can’t wait.”

And Oxton Liberal Democrat councillor Stuart Kelly has condemned the change as "short-sighted."

He said: "Labour's new £35 charge for green waste collection will have a major effect on Wirral’s recycling levels and increase the amount we send to landfill.

"During the recent consultation, a majority of people rejected the idea of charging for waste collections, but the Labour leadership simply ignored the results.


"This decision was made well before the consultation even started.

"In fact, when I set up an online petition, four council officers working in the waste collection section felt confident enough to sign their names against my petition and in favour of charges."

But Councillor Brian Kenny, Wirral Council cabinet member for environment, said: “We wanted to maintain our kerbside garden waste collection service as we know it is appreciated by many residents and also contributes to our recycling targets.

“However we are also conscious that this is a service many households in the borough do not receive as they don’t generate garden waste.

“In light of this and the current financial challenges Wirral Council faces, we have had to take the difficult decision to introduce a charge to those who wish to continue to have their garden waste collected.

“At £35 for a year, it amounts to around £1.50 per collection, which we think it is good value for money.

"It is not compulsory – residents will need to subscribe to the service before the charge is introduced in on June 1.”

He added: “If people decide they do not want to pay for the collection, they can still recycle their garden waste at any household waste recycling centre, or they could consider home-composting as an alternative.”

There is an incentive of a £5 discount on the yearly charge - £30 rather than £35 – to encourage people to sign up online at www.wirral.gov.uk/gardenwaste they can also do so by telephoning 0151 606 2004.

Readers have until May 27 to register to pay for garden waste collections.

Collection arrangements for green non-recyclable waste, and grey recyclable waste bins, remain unchanged.

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